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Sellaronda MTB Track Tour: Lofty heights -mountain biking atop the summits

Discover the wonders of the Dolomites by bike: Advanced bikers will delight in circumnavigating the Sella Group on their mountain bike in one day.

Get to know the four valleys of the Dolomites around the Sella Group and enjoy the thrills of a lifetime in the most beautiful of locations: this the Sellaronda MTB Tour proposal for this summer - an invitation to all mtb enthusiasts and lovers of the mountains in general. Thanks to the extensive lift systems it is possible to circumnavigate the Sella Group by mountain bike ... and with just a little help from cable cars and chair lifts.it is a solution which takes nothing away from the challenge and enables many to enjoy the fantastic experience of being in the heart of the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage Site composed of the four linking valleys of Alta Badia, Val Gardena, Arabba and Val di Fassa.
There are two proposals to choose from. The clockwise tour has many thrilling downhill stretches, whilst the anti-clockwise choice has a greater altitude difference to cover. So as to approach the tour with safety in mind it is advised to be part of a group accompanied by an expert mountain bike guide.

In the past there were several obstacles to crossing the Dolomites and being able to appreciate the real sense of being immersed in the mountains. Today, however, it is a great and exciting reality. In winter of course, when the snow is the dominant feature across the whole Sella group, skiing is the solution if you want to appreciate the area to the full. In the warmer months however the means of transport is either on foot – and there are many trekking adventures to enjoy – or to set off on a mountain bike along the many documented itineraries.

The Sellaronda MTB Tour offers two distinctive circular routes, different in that one is clockwise and the other anti-clockwise, and with slight differences in terms of distance and altitude difference to cover. It is important to note that the Sellaronda MTB Tour can start in any village of the four valleys.

The clockwise direction – for trail lovers

The clockwise route, marked in orange, is 58 kilometres long and has a total altitude difference of 4,000, but only 330 metres of which need to be covered by bike, these being divided over several short uphill stretches: for the other uphill parts there are seven lifts to use along the route. The 300 metres or so which need to be biked over the whole day are easily done by persons in good physical shape. The Sellaronda MTB Tour in a clockwise direction is much appreciated by those who love long downhill stretches. In fact, along the route there are more than 30 kilometres of ‘gravity’ to cover. There is lots of fun to be had in these adrenaline giving downhills, and even if the downhill parts themselves are not particularly steep, decent technical ability is required. Overall there are more than 20 kilometres of dedicated MTB trails available to bikers, so there is every opportunity to enjoy this exciting aspect of the day out in the Dolomites.

Total distance: 58 km
Total high meters: 4.000 m
Total high meters to cycle: 330 m

Opening dates Sellaronda MTB TOUR: from 27.06.2020 to 27.09.2020

Lift facilities to use (with “SUPER SUMMER” ticket) in the clockwise tour:

    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.292m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0471 795268
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    1.980m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0471 836034
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.028m 8.45 - 17.15 +39 0471 836034
    Open from 13/06/2019 to 27/09/2020
    2.096m 9.00 - 17.00 +39 0436 79183
    Open from 13/06/2019 to 27/09/2020
    2.507m 8.30 - 17.00 +39 0436 79127
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.239m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0436 808015
    Open from 13/06/2019 to 27/09/2020
    2.395m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0462 750261

The anti-clockwise tour – for e-bikers and sporty bikers

The green marked route is the anti-clockwise choice of the Sellaronda MTB Tour, and is more for the sporty types who like the challenge of a good bit of uphill biking. The route develops over 55 kilometres, made up of gravel paths and trails, and with a total altitude difference of 3,370 metres, 1,020 of which are to be biked uphill, and it is with this in mind that the Sellaronda MTB Tour in its anti-clockwise version, and notwithstanding the fact that five lifts are to be used, is ideal for an e-bike option. Of course really keen mountain bikers, quite expert and in good shape will not have any particular problem following this route.
In fact they will welcome the challenge on this nature trail where splendid flow stretches enjoying wide paths and great views dominate, and this both in uphill and downhill circumstances. However, for those preferring a more leisurely outing there is no harm in seeking a little assistance and hiring an e-bike from one of the many outlets in the four valleys, and where it will also be possible to recharge your bike’s electric batteries.

Total distance: 55 km
Total high meters: 3.370 m
Total high meters to cycle: 1.020 m

Opening dates Sellaronda MTB TOUR: from 27.06.2020 to 27.09.2020

Lift facilities to use (with “SUPER SUMMER” ticket) in the counter-clockwise TOUR:

    Open from 13/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.254m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0471 795313
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.200m 9.00 - 17.00 +39 0471 795267
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    1.932m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0462 608811
    Open from 25/07/2020 to 27/09/2020
    From 13/06 to 25/07 use lift Alba-Col dei Rossi from Alba di Canazei
    2.382m 8.30 - 17.20 +39 0462 608811
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.239m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0436 808015
    Open from 27/06/2020 to 27/09/2020
    2.220m 8.30 - 17.30 +39 0471 835639

Sella is a real great mountain biking destination

The area around the Sella Group is a real cult destination for mountain bike lovers, and in whichever discipline one is speaking about. Downhill lovers will find joy in the big bike park of Canazei, and those looking for acrobatic fun will not be disappointed by the offering of Alta Badia and Arabba, areas with a long cycling tradition. And there is more besides, for the Dolomites is launching new initiatives all the time – there is a bike park being constructed above Selva Val Gardena, and which is due for opening soon. Fans of ‘gravity’ will be more than pleased with this news!
Having such a well-structured offer, the Sellaronda MTB Tour around the Sella Group, combined with the individual proposals of the valleys, the biker knows to have the best chance to experience great times in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Add to this the excellent lift systems and the hospitality of the Ladins and one realises that a happy holiday is assured.

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