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Being a mountain biker means to dive head first into nature, but beware, for risks can lurk around every corner. However these can be reduced thanks to a correct evaluation of the situation and of ones own biking capabilities. Behavioural rules are necessary to guarantee the safety not only of the biker, but also of visitors and locals who consider nature a place where to have fun and live.
Plan your trip carefully, choose tracks according to your experience and level and remember to take a break.
Check your equipment before starting off (brakes, tyres, pressure, gears, cables, suspensions, chain, pinions and so on).
Watch out for the weather before and after your trip. Weather forecasts are to be taken seriously.
Dress according to temperature and weather conditions.
For trips at higher altitudes a change of clothes could come in handy, instead of catching a cold or risk getting wet.
Give your hotel, or your closest relatives, the details of your trip; you should always have cell phone with you (Emergency number: 118).
Bring repair tools for your bike, a first aid kit, sun block and for longer trips some food (energy bars) and a full flask of water.
Wear a helmet for protection and gloves for your hands.
Do not underestimate the difficulty of the trip and evaluate it carefully, counting on your previous biker experience and capabilities. Keep a moderate speed, because obstacles can appear suddenly out of nowhere (damage to the road, rocks, tree, wild animals, grazing animals, lever bars, tractors, authorised vehicles and so on).
Respect the trippers and hikers and overtake with moderate speed.
Hikers on walking paths always have right of way and a nod to acknowledge each other is always appreciated.
Respect barriers and always close gates, bars and doors.
Respect and protect animals and plants, nature and wild animals.
Do not leave marked routes and avoid lateral out of the way routes.
Do not leave litter in the open. Dispose of it back home.
Do not make any annoying or disturbing sounds or noises and do not leave unnecessary brake marks.
Respect markings, i.e. bans and other signals.
Complete your trip before dusk and inform those responsible of your safe return.
Mountain bikers should also remember how to treat nature on holiday: not to litter, not to make annoying sounds, respect the region's customs and traditions. Individual freedom ends where another person's begins. South Tyrol doesn't have a ban on using mountain bikes, except in some places like Natural Parks and those areas which are protected by the European Landscape Convention where ad hoc rules exist. Riding on public and private terrain is allowed: to uphold this privilege we ask mountain bikers to respect this.
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